SLS Hosts Prof. Rashed Noor’s Talk on the Current State of Infectious Diseases in Bangladesh

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The School of Life Sciences, IUB, hosted Dr. Rashed Noor, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Microbiology at Stamford University for a seminar on 23rd March, 2017. The talk, entitled “Pathogenic Propagation: Current State of Diseases in Bangladesh” provided an overview of the current public health challenges facing Bangladesh, and went on to describe research being conducted at Stamford University. Over 80 SLS students attended the seminar.  Dr. Noor presented published data on the incidence and geography of antibiotic resistance among different bacterial strains in Bangladesh, novel diagnostic methods for Hepatitis B virus and the malaria parasite, and the presence of virulent genes in bacteria found in export quality frozen shrimp. Such research has important implications for infectious disease control and food safety in Bangladesh. Dr. Noor ended his talk with recommendations on designing and implementing better disease prevention and control programs.  The talk ended with a vibrant question and answer session. Professor Rita Yusuf, Dean of the School of Life Sciences, IUB, concluded the seminar by offering the formal vote of thanks, where she spoke about the limitations of doing such research in resource-poor nations such as Bangladesh but also remarked that the quality of work that was being done has increased tremendously, with the advent of more cost effective molecular biology techniques and methods. 

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