DLS Students In American Society for Microbiology Agar Art Contest

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Students from the School of Life Sciences recently participated in the American Society for Microbiology’s enormously popular Agar Art contest. The contest got widespread public interest for its innovative idea of doing art using live microorganisms like bacteria or yeast cells as paint and agar media as canvas. ASM’s Agar Art Contest has become a global outreach program with the goal of providing a platform for the creativity of ASM members and engaging the public in Biological Science by highlighting the diverse world of microorganisms.

Two students of SLS, Anika Sarder and Iman Delower, submitted three art works entitled “Journey of the Ape” which represented evolution, “Infectious Rhythm” representing the Bengali culture, and a portrait of Robert Koch, the father of modern bacteriology. They drew their masterpieces using the bacteria E. coli and Enterobacter. Many students trained and worked under the supervision Ms. Tasnimul Ferdous, Lecturer, School of Life Sciences.

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