Biological Sciences


The School of Life Sciences has a modern state-of-the-art laboratory, furnished with a wide range of equipment, glassware and reagents. The 4200 square feet laboratory has two large demonstration rooms and five additional rooms (PCR Room, Tissue Culture Room, etc.) for advanced research. All rooms are air conditioned and have Wi-Fi capabilities. Each of the bench-tops is equipped with gas, vacuum and water outlets. The infrastructure has been developed by Waldner, a well- known German company.

The School of Life Sciences currently houses some of the most advanced equipment from well recognized companies around the world.

  • Autoclave
  • Electronic Precision Balance
  • -80° Celsius Freezer
  • LabConco Chemical Fume Hood
  • Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator
  • Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
  • Microscopes
  • Nanodrop Spectrophotometer
  • pH Conductivity Meter
  • Real Time PCR Machine
  • Shaking Water Bath
  • UV/Vis Dual Beam Spectrophotometer
  • Top Loading Balance
  • Vortex Mixers
  • Water Distillation/Deionizing Plant

Contact Us

School of Life Sciences
Independent University, Bangladesh
Academic Block (8th Floor)
Room: 10002
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Rita Yusuf, Ph.D
School of Life Sciences
Room: 10002
Tel: 8431645-52, 8432065-76 (ext-2600)

Nazratun Choudhury
R&D Officer
School of Life Sciences
Room: 10002
Tel: 8431645-52, 8432065-76 (ext-2611)